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11 Plus for Parents guide

11 Plus Preparation Steps: 

(1) Ask yourself, is now the best time for your child to start their 11+ Prep?

(2) If so, here are some useful Grammar School application tips.

  So, see our 11 Plus Exam By UK Region.

– If you are considering those grammar schools in Outer London then we have a useful London Grammar school list.

– Otherwise, England’s other grammar schools are accessed from this regional grammar school list.

(3) Are the grammar schools of interest CEM 11+ exam Grammar schools?

– If so, then you should focus on our 11 plus practice tests of the CEM 11 Plus type

(4)…Otherwise it’s likely you are considering

Grammars using the GL Assessment version of the 11 Plus.

      Refer to our: GL 11 Plus type.

(5) So, now you can choose from the extensive range we offer, which are the most relevant 11 plus exams for your child’s 11 plus practice:

       Use our comprehensive list of 11 Plus Past Exam Papers.

(6) Schedule regular practice with these 11 plus practice papers , our free online 11 plus papers and free 11 plus papers with answers.

And as Step (7) here’s Passed Papers’ own 11 plus tips:

11 Plus Preparation Tips:

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