Australia, a name that shines well on top in the ‘Must see’ list for most of you. And why not? Not only it is the remotest continent in the world, but Australia is a blessed place when it comes to wonderful locations for travelers and explorers, be it The Great Barrier Reef, Sydney Opera House, Uluru, Bondi Beach and the list goes on!

But that is not what we are going to talk about today. We are going to look at that side of Austalia that is now shining and rising in a new light- Higher Education. Gone are the days, when Australia was looked upon as just a holiday destination, instead it has now become one of the most sought-after study abroad destinations. Thousands of students every year choose to study in Australia for the wonderful opportunities that the country has to offer.

Students from all over the world prefer to pursue their higher education from Australia for the excellent standard of living and value for money that they get here. No doubt there are other options available too like the USA or the UK but still, students are increasingly choosing to study in Australia for the low tuition fees and living expenses compared to other destinations. Australia has world’s top 5 students cities which is undoubtedly a tough competition and yet a great global experience for students aspiring to study abroad.

Let us look at some the FIVE finest reasons as to why students prefer to study in Australia for their higher education:

  1. EDUCATION: The teaching methodology, be it vocational or technical, practiced in Australia is regarded as the most innovative globally. Australian universities enjoy a global reputation for their excellence across many disciplines offering practical, research and career-oriented training that serves to give students the exact skill set that they are paying for. It is the excellence in Australian education that has led to the country’s increased productivity and performance on every scale.
  2. TECHNOLOGY: Australia is known worldwide for being techno-savvy in terms not only the users but innovation too. The country has one of the highest rates of internet connectivity and access that has led to developing state of the art facilities, laboratories, and classrooms which are highly focussed on global teaching, learning, training, and research. More than half of the modern things that you use today at home, hospitals, etc have been developed in Australia.
  3. CULTURE: This is undoubtedly one of the foremost reasons why students prefer to study in Australia because the country offers multicultural society with diversity in a true sense. Students from all over the world, traditions, cultures live here harmoniously offering a truly global experience with education. No doubt that people from over 200 countries have migrated to Australia!
  4. SCHOLARSHIPS: Every student aspiring to study abroad will definitely have this question mind about scholarships and why not? After all, in this age of rising economies, everyone wants to save up come on their expenses, right? In that case, Australia attracts international students majorly because of the large number of scholarships the country offers more than US or UK.
  5. EMPLOYMENT: There are great employment opportunities in Australia post completing your studies. The fact that universities offer a unique global education and learning platform making students think in a creative, innovative, and independent manner; has made Australian graduates a favorite among top employers in the world. Be it agriculture, aeronautics, accounts, IT or medicine, Australia offer many job opportunities across multiple disciplines and even the work permits for international students like none other!

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