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Apps You Can’t Miss If You Are A Student!

One had to admit that student’s life is the best part of life. However it also comes with its own set of responsibilities which makes it one of the most important periods of our life. Be it catching up with deadlines or jotting down notes at a blazing fast speed, always being in touch with friends or struggling to reach morning classes on time, managing to secure good marks or keeping a tab on budget; there are so many tortures a student has to go through. But with smartphones by their side and a range of useful apps which they can install to simplify their life, they can do all this with ease. Here’s a list of those apps which you just cannot afford to miss if you are a student:

1) Freecharge

Managing to stay in touch with your friends all the time comes at a cost. Getting phone recharged by walking to your nearby shop can prove to be a time consuming and energy draining activity. But thanks to this brilliant app, you can now do recharge anytime and anywhere you want. Couple it with the awesome Freecharge coupons present on CashKaro which will help you do transactions by offering you some real good deals.


2) Mint

Mint is one app which every student needs to have in his/her smartphone regardless of the fact that there’s a budget which has to be followed or not followed by him/her. You can prepare different categories here such as party, shopping, books, gadgets and allot a spending limit for each of them. This will help you keep a tab on your spending limits so that you can find out when you are spending over-limits. You can even set bill reminders here to avoid skipping the last date for your payments.


3) Jabong

Be it the fresher’s party or farewell party, monthly visits or festivals, everyone desires to make an instant style statement. However the one thing standing in their path to do is shortage of time. Say hello to Jabong app with the help of which you can do shopping anytime and anywhere you want. Jabong is India’s mega online Fashion store from where you can shop from a wide variety of brands spread across different categories. So the next time there’s a boring lecture and a party at the coming weekend, you know what to do with your smartphone!


4) Myminutes

Keeping up with your pace at managing all the projects can take a toll on the memory of your brain. Couple it with the fact that most students procrastinate till the last moment. You sit down to research on an important subject online but instead end up moving your cursor to Facebook, then do your online mobile recharge, edit your picture a bit on your photo tool, browse through Dominos’ menu and after an hour or so, you remember you have to do an actual work. ‘My minutes’ app will help you keep a tab on your online activities after you have set a goal here.


5) 1mg

1mg app can be a true blessing for you especially if you reside outside your city by your own. It can be frustrating and very annoying to walk out and purchase medicines if you are ill. Just download 1mg app and order medicines at discounted prices. The app has a user friendly interface and an easy navigation process which makes for a no hassle experience while you use it. Get them delivered right at your door step!


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