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CBSE class 10 board – Exam Preparation Tips

CBSE class 10 board exam plays a major role in any student’s life. To get admission in the top PU colleges one must score excellent marks in this exam. Studying for the final exam can be very stressful for many students not knowing how and from where to study. To help you get rid of the negative impact on results due to stress I am here to share some tactics that will help you overcome your exam fear.

Tips to prepare for CBSE class 10 board exam

Study space:

Have a spacious place to study. Make sure you have sufficient place to spread your notebooks, textbooks, and other study materials on your study table. Have blank sheets, pen, highlighter, pencil, etc. handy for rough work practice. Make sure your study area is away from all distractions and you should be comfortable to focus on studies.

Study time table:

Understanding the CBSE Syllabus for Class 10 is important before starting studying as it gives an outline of the subjects. Make a daily timetable to study and follow the same. Making a schedule is very important as it helps you divide time to study, rest, sleep accordingly. Divide the subject based on the syllabus and assign the amount of time you will be spending on a particular subject. One important thing to remember is that you need not study two difficult subjects one after the other.

Study pattern:

Make notes while you study and highlight the important points in the textbook itself. Also, making notes in class will help you during self-study. Draw flowcharts, diagrams and understand the concepts to remember for a long term and don’t just mug up. Do not continue to study in order to finish the chapter even if you are bored as it will just be a waste of time as you will be forcing to concentrate and hence will not be able to focus. Hence taking breaks for a walk or a nap is important.

Test yourself:

Revise the subjects before appearing for the final exam. Finish studying your syllabus weeks before your board exam as you will get enough time to revise. The best way to revise and know how well you are prepared is to practice CBSE sample papers for class 10, previous year question papers, mock test, etc.

Stay healthy:

Eat healthy food, drink a lot of water, exercise or meditate daily, sleep for sufficient hours and keep yourself away from distractions.

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