Education Has Evolved. Now Communication Must Too.

How often have you checked your child’s agenda for school assignments? How much time do you really spend with her? Have you ever tried to know her friends? Do you know how much time she spends in leisure activities and with whom? Is your child keen in sports or is she trying to escape the compulsory sports too? Has your child’s bad report ever made you make an appointment with her teacher? Phew! Too much of a responsibility. But being a parent has never been exempted of responsibilities.

A thousand children march to school with sheeny shoes and heavy bags, while we parents want them all to become leaders. And in this competitive world, they definitely need all advantages to excel. The fact being, your child’s success has more to do with you parents followed by teachers and school. Parents and teachers play a major role in moulding a child, either into a leader or a follower.

You (teachers or parents) will have opportunities each day to instill skills in them. Personal connection and active communication with the child is very important for positive guidance. The success of a child depends on how you bridge the gap and ignore the differences. How about making friendship, having effective communication and coping up with the new generation by understanding them and their needs? You need to understand that the child is growing up in a digital world. The exploding digital world has it’s own competencies and vulnerabilities, why not keep up with technology and use it sensibly for your child’s safety?

Introducing Bcapo, a system designed to improve communication between a child and his immediate surroundings; parents, teachers, schools, friends and coaches. We strongly believe that networking boasts the parent-child-teacher partnership and in turn improves academic outcomes and leadership values. Well, who doesn’t want the best for his child?

Bcapo is a free and cost-effective way for instant communication. Be it a teacher or a school who wants to schedule reminders, assign homeworks and update about her class or a parent who wants a glimpse of the child’s daily schedule and whereabouts, Bcapo is the solution. There’s more to Bcapo. We assist your child through the maze of queries to find the perfect solution with regard to pursuing education, in both domestic and overseas institutions. We understand that education abroad is a huge decision, financially and emotionally. Therefore, we make you

choose the right that fits your profile and matches all parameters. Sometimes parents might find it difficult to take time off from work. A five minute PTA might not give you enough knowledge on your child’s performance. And if you are a working parent, keeping track on your child’s whereabouts might become challenging amidst busy schedules. How about a platform created for family participation with all details pertaining your child’s daily activities?

On the other end, schools and teachers might expect more interaction with parents. Sharing assignments, announcements, notices, creating calendar reminders and homeworks through a common platform would not only be convenient but also foster communication. And what better than a personalized platform that could make education wholesome by uniting classroom and home?

Today a child is a top priority for both the parent and the teacher. And if you think that communication and collaboration could help your child become a leader, stay tuned for our next chapter.

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