A Guide to Encouraging Music in your Child

Music has been labelled many things, and since mankind first walked our planet, music has played a part in everyone’s life, and that doesn’t look like changing anytime soon. Music is a form of art, and also a way to express inner feelings, and if a child shows a keen interest in music, this should be nurtured and developed, which is something that will enrich the child’s life to a large degree. As a parent, it is not only our responsibility to provide care and support, we should also help the child to discover themselves, and this is best done by introducing them to certain things at an early age.

Trial and Error

When you are trying to help your child identify potential areas of music that they are interested in, it is very much a case of trial and error. A parent of a four year old might suddenly decide to buy their son a plastic guitar, and from that moment on, his path is set, and as time goes by, he reaches the point where tuition is important, and in order for his development- and skill – to continue, enrolment in the right music school is essential. While it might be trial and error regarding their musical interest, it certainly isn’t the approach for a music academy, and you could easily book a trial class for guitar lessons in Singapore, or anywhere else for that matter.

Music Academies

If the school is successful, it is because they have the right balance and with a good curriculum that is presented by qualified teachers, and if the school has many branches, you can rest assured that they have the right formula. Word of mouth is also a good way to find the right music school and asking your friends is likely to produce something, and after an initial visit to test the water, so to speak, your child can begin to learn about the musical instrument that they have a fascination for. The school would first assess the learner, who would probably be at the basic level, and once they have been evaluated, they could either enrol in a class, or take a block of one on one hours, which would be the optimum learning environment.

Spend Time Listening to Music

Both you and your child can sit together and appreciate fine music, and by discussing aspects of music, you are helping your child to identify their interest. Classical music can be introduced at any age, as this will also give a good introduction to all the instruments, and with nothing too intense, you can expose your child to some Beethoven and Mozart. If the child shows an interest in reading music, this should be followed up, as learning to read music is an essential skill for the would be musician, and by enrolling the child in a good music academy, they will get a solid foundation.

Music is a great thing because it offers us so much, and by fostering a love of music at an early age, you are giving your children something very valuable that could change their lives.


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