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How To Pay Less For Bulk Shipping?

The shipping cost is one of the major changes that play a great role in deciding your profit margins of each and every package. Along with all the calculations and dilemmas it is really difficult to search for the best way which costs less to ship the product or packages. Definitely, there are certain ways with the help of which you can easily cut off your shipping charges in a great way.

Hence the best to reduce the cost of shipping drastically is to ship by truck. Now there are two different ways when you try to ship your packages by truck. In the first way, you can fit your good on the truck that is already going out for some kind of delivery. Whereas, if you have a good number of packages, then you need a separate whole truck in itself. Therefore, in this post, we will guide you with the best cheap ways to ship your packages.

What is full truckload (FTL) freight shipping?

 So basically, the full truckload shipping is the type of the method where the truck shipping is committed to carrying only one shipment. As that particular shipment has a good number of parcels that need to be delivered. In other words, we can say that the truck journey is available for one shipment only. No other parcels can be kept there for shipping.

Usually, the full truckload services are the best option available as they are cheaper and also reduces the risk of damage. In the full truckload services, you also save the unnecessary cost of multiple shipments. The FTL method of shipping also ensures that all your items will arrive at their destination at the same time.

The estimated cost of the full truckload services (FTL)

Due to the number of variable factors, it is not possible to quote the accurate cost to ship by truck. But it will be easier to decide when we will look upon all the variable factors that involve the changes in the costing of your shipping.

  1. Distance– Distance plays a great role in deciding the cost. So many FTL services executing locally or interstate will result in cheaper prices. Every company will provide you with the cost per mile and your prices will be finalized in that way.
  2. Item size– The size of your shipment also affects the price. Usually, a flatbed truck carries 10 pallets. Though there are other options available too, like a step deck trailer, dry van trailer, refrigerated trailer, and a removable gooseneck trailer (RGN) for specific taller and wider items.
  3. Time of the year– Depending on the time of the year, which decides the weather conditions, your charges may increase accordingly if the weather conditions are not good. As the company needs to take extra care of your items.


As there are many benefits of shipping your items by FTL shipping services you can save a lot by shipping your items at one go. This will save you time and money as well. Also, once you are delivered with your items make sure to check their conditions against the photographs. If you find any problem you can always ask the concerned person to refund or to repair that particular damage.

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