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Are you gearing up to pursue a graduate degree but you’re not excited about the prospect of yet more testing? You’re not alone.However, admissions exams are an inescapable part of being accepted into a graduate program, whether you wish to study business, law, or medicine. But that doesn’t mean that you have to be intimidated by them. You haveprobably heard how important it isscore well on your LSAT, GRE, or GMAT in order to be accepted into top graduate programs and schools. And you have probably also heard the stories about the students who studied diligently for these exams and either didn’t pass or got much lower scores than they expected.

According to the experts at Toronto’s Quantum Test Prep centre, typical scoring ranges from a low of 120 to a high of 180. The test’s average score is around 150. Although there is some controversy about the true importance of this test, there’s no denying that top law schools are more interested in LSAT scores than even the undergraduate GPAs of potential students. The LSAT consists of four distinct sections, dealing with logic, the ability to analyze data, and reading comprehension, presented in the form of multiple choice questions. Test takers are permitted thirty five minutes to complete each section.

LSAT takers can retake this exam a total of three times within a two year period. However, statistics show that only about twenty five percent take this test a second time, and less than ten percent take it three or more times. And given that students who have properly prepared can score 170 or even 180 on a LSAT the first time that it’s taken, why bother trying more than once? Hiring the right test preparation centre is a sure-fire way to guarantee top marks the first time around.

Test Prep Services

It also means that you will reap the benefits of instructors who have taken the LSAT and scored in its top percentile. These instructors have taught LSAT preparation courses for decades, and have developed courses that not only offer test practice, but help students master the reasoning that helps to answer questions correctly. Many test prep scheduling can be conveniently arranged when necessary to meet an adult’s busy schedule. Someone who works during the week likely prefers a course offered on the weekends or during the evenings when there’s time to focus and study. Some of the best centres offerstudents taking an LSAT module a free course repeat guarantee in case of unsatisfying results, which can help them to truly maximize their abilities.

By enrolling in an LSAT test prep course at Quantum, students can take individual LSAT course modules focusing on the major areas of the test including Logical Reasoning,Analytical Reasoning, and Reading Comprehension — or they can sign up for the Premium LSAT package and take them all together for a reduced rate. So students fretting about the looming LSAT exam should worry no more. With the right preparatory help, not only can pass the test on the first try, you can do so with flying colours.

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