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Recycling of transformer oil

A transformer is a important part of electric system. There are quality many parameter are consider before oil filled in the transformer. If the oil will not pass the quality parameter than the result of low flash point, high ash content, low pour point, higher dielectric loss, so the oil must be thoroughly treated and restored.

To get required result chemical regeneration’s method are used, for this the oil is treated by acidic/alkaline method. In this method treating the oil first by sulfuric acid and bound all unstable compounds into acidic tar. The tar, which settles out, is them extracted, while the remaining sulfuric and organic acids are neutralized by adding alkali to the oil. Then oil is washed with distilled water, the water is removed by centrifuge, and the oil is then treated by a special bleaching compound, which adsorb particles from oil. Final filtration yields regenerated oil.

If transformer repair in factory, then proper equipment and material is required for transformer oil regeneration. Replacement of all aging transformers is hardly possible, considering the economic realities. However, actual life time of many transformers is far from over. This life time can be extended by regeneration of transformer oil to like new conditions thus, extending the life cycle of transformers.

Main principle of Oil Recycling is to draw it through the adsorbent (Fuller’s Earth, zeolite, silica gel, whitening clay etc.). In this process liquid passes through “molecular filtration” in the microporous sorbent. By this proces, ageing are removed and it placed in the adsorbent granules.

Oil regeneration includes cetrifugal and adsorbtion stages, which allows to increase economic yield significantly and extend sorbent lifetime practially indefinitely. A 900 liter per hour UVM system in one pass removes up to 80% of total water (free and solved). The rest of the water is adsorbed by zeolite (adsorbtion section), facilitting 10 – 20 ppm water output. The adsorbtion section has 8 adsorbers containing zeolite cartridges for water removal or silica gel for removal of acid, oxidation products and water. Based on initial oil condition, the oil can be regenerated in one or multiple passes. The heater ensures optimal temperature for treatment by both adsorbent types (50°С). Oil is heated in one pass. The systems may also be used as stand alone applications for heating and transfer of oil in storage of service facilities.

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