It is often said that the Class 12 board exam is the most crucial turning point in a student’s academic and professional career. This is obviously true because it unlocks a world of opportunities for the students to pursue. However, to make the most of this opportunity, students should study in the most effective manner possible. Here are some effective study tips for students to adopt.


Sounds cliched, but planning is quite important regardless of the task at hand. When a concrete plan is drafted, targets can be drawn up and the results can be measured. Similarly, students can achieve their goals without any hiccups if they plan efficiently. Students should check NCERT syllabus for class 12 before planning as it gives them an overview of the task ahead.

Taking Notes

One of the most underrated techniques for studying is taking notes during lectures. When students note down points, their hands, eyes, ears and mind coordinate. This means that students are much more alert and concentrate for much longer durations in the class. This directly translates to better performance in the exams. Furthermore, these notes act as another point of reference during an examination.

Chunking Information

Large volumes of information can be difficult to comprehend. It takes more time and effort for students to memorize. Also, mental strain can overwhelm the students and make the learning experience unpleasant. But this can be overcome if the students can “chunk” information. Chunking information involves breaking down large volumes of content into smaller, easily-digestible chunks. This reduces the mental stress and enables easier comprehension of the content. NCERT Syllabus is rather vast and memorizing every important topic takes considerable time and effort. But using this tip will enable the students to study more effectively and help them ace their class 12 exams.

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