Techniques To Improve Your Memory

Techniques To Improve Your Memory

Right from our schooling days, there is a lot of emphasis on building a good memory. What makes some people remember everything while some cannot remember what you said to them a couple of days ago? Is it possible to build your memory as you do with your muscles? The answer is yes! Since our brain is essentially a muscle, we can train it to remember more things. Let’s find out some techniques that can help you improve your memory.

Read on to know more about how to improve memory power.

1.Focus your attention

One of the major components of memory is attention. We tend to have gaps in our attention while we are consuming knowledge. There are justifiable reasons as to why we cannot fully concentrate. Maybe there is something on your mind that is pulling your attention towards it. A song, a video, or dialogue can get in the way of our acquiring knowledge. If there is too much noise, both internal and external, it gets harder and harder to focus. Gaining knowledge requires a safe and quiet place. You can manage external distractions such as loud noises, music, crowds by moving to a quieter place. You can deal with internal noise by meditation and practicing mindfulness.

2.Avoid cramming

Procrastination is a defense mechanism that does not let you perform to the best of your abilities. It also strips you of your motivation. If you wait until the deadline to start the work, you are bound to feel the fear and the pressure. If you do things or consume knowledge in a rush, chances are you are going to forget it. If you are planning to study for an exam, it is better to study regularly with a proper schedule for study and break. People who tend to stretch it and complete everything just the night before may have trouble remembering everything they studied or read.

3.Power of organized thoughts

Ever wonder why there were so many types of notes you had to take when you were in school or college? Creating a system for information uptake and sticking to it assures great memory. You have to create maps for your brain. By creating notes in multiple formats for memory storage, you can easily remember things because they are associated with a number of other things. It gets easier to find your way back to the thing you were looking for. Grouping similar concepts and creating word bubbles can help a great deal in this process. This way, you have a reference for the things you are trying to memorize and also a safety mechanism that provides numerous ways to get there.

4.Elaborate and rehearse

They say that students who can teach a subject to other students have a better memory. Why is that? In order to teach another human being, we have to, first of all, learn the material ourselves. To teach someone, one must be equipped with all the necessary information. For which, one must read, memorize, and rehearse. By elaborating the study or work material to self or others, one can truly learn the material themselves. When you rehearse the material, by writing it down, by speaking about it, by teaching about it, or by replicating it, you have better chances of remembering what you said or wrote or did. This happens because you have actively participated in the process of memorizing it.

It is possible to feel demotivated if you cannot remember certain things. Just relax, breathe, and take a short walk if possible to get rid of the nerves.  Just remember that there are multiple types of motivation and you can get back up on the productivity express by implementing the above-mentioned tools in your daily life.

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