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The Best Grammar Checker Apps!


Grammar Checker Apps

I don’t think that I would be making an exaggerating statement by saying that English is becoming our national language graduallys. Almost everyone can be seen conversing it. However unlike Hindi, English has far too many rules to abide with which makes communication (written or oral) tough. To ensure that you write and speak it in the correct manner, take advantage of the best grammar checker apps for guidance. You can boost your skills with such apps and learn something new each day in aspects related to grammar. Let’s get started with them!

1) Oxford grammar and punctuation

– I remember that this was the first ever grammar app which I installed in my phone and got addicted to. Yes! Some get addicted to entertainment apps, I get addicted to grammar apps! The oxford grammar and punctuation app help you learn about basic grammar rules. This means you get to communicate in English in a polished manner. Since it uses real examples, understanding gets easier. And this app is not just for beginners but even for ones who think that they have almost aced their English language skills. By keeping an oxford dictionary (can be bought online at discounted prices using Flipkart coupons) with you all the time, you can increase your skills.

2) Ginger keyboard

– Ginger keyboard will help you improve your vocabulary as well as your grammar skills. It is the only free English keyboard which knows how to correct your spelling, grammar and punctuation effectively. After you have written a sentence, you can check it here for finding about the mistakes. It also gives accurate next word predictions. The keyboard supports up to 58 languages which is huge. There are more built in tools within it to help you communicate effectively without any problems.

3) English grammar spell checker

– It’s not really funny when you send out an angry mail to someone and it has that one misspelled word which alters the entire tone of your mail. This is when this app can rescue you. Be it a lengthy mail you are typing or an essay you are beginning with, English grammar spell checker app will make your job easy. It covers tenses, verbs, formality, spellings, prepositions, adverbs, adjectives, clauses and more. 

You can find the best grammar checker ever on Analyze.


4) Grammar up Lite

– Are you fed of making grammer mistakes frequently? Is it ruining your confidence? Fret not! Grammar up Lite is here to save you. All you have to do is spare some minutes on an everyday basis to do that. This app has tests which usually contain 10 questions under different categories. You can keep a track of your report cards to see your progress levels. You have choices for altering the settings of your test such as duration period, report card progress, scores and more.

5) Spell checker

– You can type your text, run a spell checker test on it and then send it out via Whatsapp, mail, twitter and SMS. You can even input your text via your voice through. That’s awesome, right? Once you have learned how to use it completely and feel there’s the need for more, switch to its PRO version which has extra features to help you nurture you English language skills. The app supports languages such as English, Italiano, Deutsch, Polski, Czech, Turkish and more.

Install these apps in your smart phone today itself and develop better language skills to communicate in English confidently.


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