Tips to Keep Your Child Reading Throughout the Summer

The summer months are filled with outdoor activities, long nights and many memory-making moments. It can be hard for some parents to find the energy to keep their child focused on academics, as well. Although books may be far from the mind of your active child, it’s important to keep his mind sharp for the upcoming school year.


Many community organizations and schools have summer reading programs that are treated like games, which can reward your child for the amount of books read. Some are available online for easy access, while a large sticker chart at home can provide a constant remind of your child’s hard work.


Some children get excited when they know there’s a long list of stories from which to choose that involve their favorite characters or writer. Choose books associated with favorite movie characters or themes to keep your child intrigued and excited about reading.

Comic Books

The summer can leave little space for reading, so choosing shorter stories can also keep their interest peaked. Comic books have seen a surge in popularity, due to the many movies based on these characters. Your child will love the diabolical plots and imagery.

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