Tips to make your story compelling without boring the readers

Have you ever read a story with a good plot, but it was just not engaging enough! This is mainly because writers do not know the little tricks that make a story more interesting and compelling for their readers. If you are writing a story, then here are some tips and tricks that will make your story more attention grabbing. Read on!

Incorporate hook and grab technique:

In the first paragraph, as this paragraph will determine whether the reader will continue to read or not, employ a hook and grab technique. This means that you have to immediately start off with an attention grabbing line or quote, or sometimes a question to create mystery, so that the reader is compelled to turn the page on his own accord.

It is not what you say, it is how you say it!

Your plot may be super exciting with interesting characters, your short story may be without grammatical/ punctuation errors, but if you do not incorporate a unique, engaging style of writing, your readers will never get hooked enough to read till the end. As a story writer, you have to write a piece that seems it is flowing, like a conversation.

This is the most difficult aspect of story writing and homework writing service as it takes time to develop a writing style and tone that the readers find irresistible.

Subtlety is your friend to enhance your readers’ curiosity:

In any story, readers are engaged as they want to find out what happens to their favorite characters. You should feed this curiosity and try using subtlety. Do not show too much too early rather create mystery and intrigue. Of course, you have to move the storyline along as the plot progresses, but make sure the timing of each revelation is right.

Little things matter:

In a story, little things matter a lot. Basically, it is a sum of little parts, woven together by the writer to create an imaginary world where the reader can travel. The plot acts as a script while the little descriptions act as navigating points for the reader.

However, do not overdo with descriptive text as this will make the story a drag, boring the reader. Writing a story is about finding the right balance of components. A tip to avoid lengthy descriptive texts in a story is to read it out loud when it is done and then start eliminating unnecessary details.

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