20 Signals that Indicate that you are not in the Correct Career

It happens to many students that during the course of their career they realize that it was not the indicator, most of the time it is because their decision was influenced by other people, the PSU scores did not reach to apply or they simply did not have clarity about your tastes If you feel identified with one or more of the signs that you will read below, this may be your case.

  1. You always wanted to study something else

You always had another career in mind, or even when you were not clear about what you wanted to study when you were in school, you were leaning towards different areas than the ones you are studying.

  1. All the teachers charge you

You cannot feel identified with any of them and less interested in what they have to say.

  1. You feel that your colleagues exaggerate with their love for the profession

You think that the happiness that your career causes to your classmates and the devotees that are for the profession they will have when they graduate is an exaggeration because you cannot feel the same way.

  1. You constantly wonder what would happen if you changed

You have a special place in your thoughts to imagine the possibilities that you would have if you changed to the career that you really like.

  1. You do not like to study

The contents of the branches just do not seem flashy or pleasant enough to spend so much time.

  1. You feel that what they teach you is unnecessary

As you cannot assimilate the use of the materials because you do not like them, it is common to think that they are not important.

  1. it’s hard for you to be interested in your performance

Because you cannot set goals or life projections, you do not feel that your notes are paramount and you leave them in the background.

  1. It is indifferent to you what will happen when you leave the race

As you cannot imagine developing your profession, you feel that the best alternative is basically to leave university soon and then see what happens with your work life.

  1. The job you dream has nothing to do with your profession

All university students have illusions about the work they will have when they graduate, which in your case is a problem because your profession is not related to what you really want to do.

  1. You entered the race by discarding

There was a gap between the races that you liked and that you could access, therefore you chose the best one within your possibilities.

  1. You do not support group work

You feel that your colleagues give too much importance to these jobs and that bothers you.

  1. You feel depressed constantly

The routine of going to college to fulfill obligations that do not cause emotion or happiness deteriorate your mood.

  1. You’re just still in the race for your parents or other external reasons

You would feel very guilty if you left the race considering the great efforts that your parents make for you to study, another important factor is the constant criticism you would receive for deserting and you fear that those things affect you even more than studying something you do not like.

  1. You do not feel good when they ask you how you did in college

Although your performance is good, what really makes you want to respond is that you are not having a good time, you get bored a lot and you would like to take a different path.

  1. No one understands your situation

It is difficult for others to put yourself in your place because they do not understand that we can all make mistakes or make hasty decisions, people tend to think that there is no option but to finish the race.

  1. You feel that you are missing something

You experience a recurring sensation that you owe something to yourself, that you should be fulfilling your dreams instead of doing what others expect.

  1. You have a hard time learning

We are all good at something and if you are not in the career that allows you to develop your skills, most likely you will go through many difficulties in all branches.

  1. Things were not what you expected

That they tell you how the race is is one thing but live it is another, you should not feel bad if you were disappointed, the best thing you can do in this case is to take an action plan.

  1. You feel that you have nothing in common with your classmates

This is very usual considering that they do not have the same tastes and aspirations.

  1. You know you would be an outstanding student in the career of your dreams

Although it may seem very idealistic, you will most likely always find a way to stand out in something that you are passionate about, which is the opposite of what you are experiencing now.

If reading this reaffirmed what you had been thinking for some time, maybe it is time to take your life by the reins and start doing what brings you happiness.

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