5 Steps to Choose the Ideal Career

If you are not sure which career to study, here are some steps that can help you choose a career according to your interests and abilities. The first thing is to ask yourself what type of capabilities you possess. For example, you like to help others, prefer justice, business centric mind, expert in computing and IT or any other sort of expertise and interest. Then you should ask yourself what talents and abilities you have, and how they relate to the activities you like. Before making a decision about the career to follow, consider the following:

  • Interests and abilities:

To choose a career you must separate two important concepts: interests and abilities. If you are lucky enough to match, that would be much better. Remember that you will devote a large slice of your life to the profession you choose, so it must be something that you are passionate about. Divide a paper into two columns; write what you like to do in the first column and your talents and abilities in the next column. Join with a line the skills that relate to what you like to do; in this way you can clarify your options by identifying the skills you have and how they relate to what you want to do.

  • Learn

After having identified the profession that best suits your interests and abilities, investigate everything you can about the career that catches your attention. If you can, visit an area or place where you practice the profession that interests you. For example, if you feel inclined to help others and you are thinking about a career in nursing, visit a hospital and visualize yourself in that environment. Give attention to your emotions and how you feel when you visualize yourself as a nurse.

  • Personal decision

It’s your life, only you can choose your career. The people around you must respect what you choose. Of course, it’s good to hear different opinions, but the last decision is yours. Do not take other people’s examples that exercised the same career you want to study and they did very well (or badly). Each person has different experiences.

  • Work opportunities

Find in-depth information and knowledge about the job market and the opportunities available to graduates of the career that interests you. It is important to recognize the level of competence you can face and the opportunities that exist, without allowing that to diminish your purpose.

  • Salary

It never hurts to know the salary curve of a professional according to his career. It is one of the most important element to consider while choosing a profession as it influences your monetary benefits and many other aspects of your daily life. It is wisely said to make the best balance between your needs and wants. Give each aspect the most suitable weight you consider.

Choosing the career you will study is an important decision in your life that must be carefully analyzed. Anyone interested in developing oneself professionally should pay attention to the academic qualification which is undoubtedly first requisite for a successful professional future.


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Lara Hawkins is a professional education and career counselor with an immaculate set of qualifications and experience in helping students find the best academic and career opportunities. She started her career at an assignment company that offers online consultancy and now owns a credible reputation within the industry.

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