3 Reasons to Go Back to School

You don’t have to be stuck at a dead-end job to want to go back to school.

Whether you work for an award winning VW dealership, or you want to pursue higher education for the first time, or you want to enter a new industry, school might be calling your name.

Adults go back to school for many reasons. Whatever your goal or intentions might be, here are three common reasons to get back into the classroom.

Reminder: It’s never too late to get that first, second, third, or even fourth degree.

Advance your career

In certain scenarios, one of the easiest ways to secure a raise or advance your career is by going back to school. Luckily for people who already have full-time jobs yet want to receive another degree, many accredited online and continuing education degree programs exist.

Online programs eliminate scheduled class time and having to be physically present so professionals can continue to work and complete school at the same time (although there are still online lessons, readings, homework, exams, etc.).

There are other ways to receive a bump in salary, but some positions require a person to have a college degree (or even a master’s degree) to make more money or be in line for a promotion.

Many studies show that college grads make more money than high school grads. Instead of jumping into an entry-level job with a lower salary, you can invest your time and money in a degree that will position you to land a higher-paying job and title once graduated.

Change your profession or industry

If you have a change of heart and don’t enjoy the profession you’re in as much as you used to, then you can earn a degree in a different field. Sometimes teachers become marketers, writers become agents, and engineers become attorneys.

A degree can help you become qualified for a new professional career, even if you want to become a patent examiner after 15 years of teaching acting. It can also help you start a second career on top of your current one.

While a degree alone can’t help you skip the line to the top of your desired field, it can help you speed up the process, show you’re serious about this new journey to current or future employers, and also give you the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in your new industry.

A sense of accomplishment and personal growth

Some people go back to school because they want to earn their master’s or Ph.D. for personal growth or a sense of accomplishment. Likewise, some people go back to school so they can be the first person in their family to earn a college degree. Others want to learn a new subject and expand their knowledge with a new degree. It’s a gift you can give to yourself and something you can feel accomplished about once you receive your degree.

Going back to school can also set a good example for your kids or grandchildren. So it might not only lead to your personal growth but the growth of future generations as well. Your degree sets the precedent and can inspire your kids and their kids.

If an increase in pay is your desired outcome, then you are in good hands. After all, according to a study, “The typical college graduate will earn roughly $900,000 more than the typical high school graduate over their working life.” That is reason enough for a person to want to go back to school. However, there are many reasons why a person decides to seek a new degree, with the three above only being the beginning.

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