Great Places for Writers to Work

It’s not easy finding the perfect writing environment. Without the right place, distractions and writer’s block can take over. With one, you can be more productive and creative. While some writers work best in complete silence and away from people (and maybe with headphones and music), others work best while working around people.

No matter which type of environment your writing thrives in, here are a few places for writers to work when they feel like changing it up.

Coffee shop

A coffee shop is one of the most obvious scenes for writers and an atmosphere that many creative types dive into every time they work. After all, coffee shops have coffee, which is a great tool for writers.

Coffee shops also have places to sit, write, and use free WiFi. Also, you can pick up some awesome coffee gifts for your writing friends, whether it be a new cup or a bag of coffee beans.


Libraries typically have all the things coffee shops have as well as some ingredients that coffee houses don’t have, such as books and an atmosphere where people are expected to be quiet.

While coffee shops tend to play music, many people talk there, and a lot is going on.

If you prefer an atmosphere that features minimal conversation, then a library might be the perfect writing space.

A friend or family member’s empty house/cabin

Not everyone has the luxury of making this happen, but if you have the opportunity, it’s definitely worth it. Having a house to yourself is ideal, especially if it’s in the woods or another place that’s away from the city and will have less distractions as a result.

Writing in the same spot might do wonders for some people’s writing, but changing your scenery, especially if you have the opportunity to work in an empty house or cabin that’s not yours, can help with creativity and also keep your writing fresh.

Out in nature

If you’re a writer who works from home (and even if you’re not), then you might spend a good amount of time at your home office. Getting out and exploring nature is important for mental health, and it can help to get away from work so we come back refreshed.

We encourage writers to do exactly that by writing during a hiking trip or going to a park for the sole purpose of getting outside and writing.

While these types of places might not have WiFi or internet connection, that can help you stay away from social media, notifications, and other technological distractions while you do nothing but write, read, and take in nature.

Create your own retreat

Your writing retreat doesn’t have to last an entire week or even a weekend. You can, however, book a hotel room for a night and focus on your current writing project — distraction free.

Whether you stay in your room or bounce around the hotel lobby, business office, by the pool, or other areas of the hotel, this can help you put your writing first and foremost, change up the scenery, and also make it feel like you’re a famous writer working out of a hotel. It can also feel like a mini-vacation.

In the comfort of your home

Whether you’re a criminal defense attorney, writer, painter, or own a business, you might get your best work done in the comfort of your home. It’s ideal to change up your scenery for mental health and creativity, but working at home allows you to create the exact environment you thrive in and want to work at.

If you’re tired of writing in the same place every session, then we encourage you to venture to one of the destinations above. Your writing career will thank you.

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