5 Great Benefits of Reading Books for Your Brain

Do you love to read? Still, have not finished a book when you’re already starting a new one? Then do not hesitate, reading is one of the best habits we can have, the one that will best take care of your health. We invite you to know all of the following big dimensions.

  • Increase in your cognitive reserve

No matter the genre, no matter the author and no matter what the topic is, reading brings you an extensive range of benefits. The simple act of reading regularly brings us great benefits that includes improving the cognitive capabilities of the brain. We improve our capacity for abstraction, our imagination, and our memory. It also develops our capacity for understanding and inference, all of which are creating new neuronal connections in our brain.

The availability of greater neuronal connections means that our brain has increased network of mapping different scenarios for any given case. It can help you prevent from several critical disorders and inconveniences. For example if we suffer from any sort of brain degenerative problem such as Alzheimer’s disease then it will influence the backward movement by slowing it down up to a prominent level. The simple act of reading exercises our brain enormously which is almost similar to a set of two hours of physical exercise. It results in increasing the cognitive reserves of human brain and enables individuals to reach their old age with a much better intellectual condition.

  • Improve our memory

Reading daily will make us have an authentic personal library of stories, characters, terms, expressions and new vocabulary that greatly enriches us. Having all those stories that we continue every day with our reading and narrative thread, greatly improves our memory and exercises our cognitive abilities.

Nor should we forget that reading gives us emotions. And all emotions settle the memories much better. It’s a fabulous way to improve our memory.

  • Books are stress reducers

Surely you have noticed what we mean by here. There is nothing more relaxing than to get home and lie on the sofa or go to bed with a good book. It helps us to release tensions regarding several of our daily life problems. Reading opens a new door with unique scenarios and enables us to put ourselves in others shoes and learn new things.

All of this exclusively enables us to focus our attention on other fields far from our problems. When we relax, the cortisol level is reduced. And we cannot overlook that, being more relaxed, we can also face our problems with more tranquility and objectivity. It is wisely said that “to read is to enclose that window to a world of dreams and emotions that are really helpful for solving several of our daily life issues and problems. In fact, starting from every single image that you look at while reading a book up to every single word, sentence and paragraph that you read brings colossal level of mental exercise which adds value to your future life.

  • Brain stimulation and continuous learning

We have already told you how simply the act of reading stimulates our neuronal activity: it establishes new connections and strengthens our brain. But in addition to that, the emotional load of books favors learning and improves memory. It further fills us with significant amount of motivation to continue reading and storing data, scenes, and information.

The pleasure of reading is the best value we can transmit to children. It will allow them to learn in the easiest way possible, improve their cognitive capacity, their reasoning, their logical induction and their imagination. It is an economic and simple engine with which, to push the gears of our brain capacities.

  • Ideal to sleep at night

There is nothing better to fall asleep at night than to read at least half an hour or an hour (or more if you wish). We join in a state of absolute relaxation, that our muscles are relaxed, that our brain, free of tension and stress, is suspended in a suitable calm to reconcile the rest.

But yes, remember that it is not appropriate to read on a tablet or computer at night. The artificial light of these technologies stimulates us and, consequently, makes resting very difficult. It activates us instead of relaxing us. So once you finish your dinner, leave the mobile and your laptop, take that novel you have with yourself and continue with it. Get involved with the story, with your emotions and with your data. Your brain will be nourished by the new set of knowledge that you gain from reading and will enable you to help your mind divert from most of those factors that distract you from sleeping at night.

Do not hesitate, reading is very healthy for our health and our brain.

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