5 Reasons Why Invisalign Providers Should Consider Continuing Orthodontic Education

Like many other professional dentists, are you one, among 80,000 plus trained to provide Invisalign treatment? If you are an expert providing this popular treatment to straighten the teeth of your patients, you will know precisely why patients appreciate it. The virtually invisible aligners, made of thermoplastic material are developed for the straightening treatment plan and they look similar to the teeth whitening trays. Depending on patients, these are custom made and help to shape the teeth in the sequence determined by the expert.

However, if you just have training in Invisalign or a similar aligner product, you can find it costly and a troubling. Here are some reasons why every professional Invisalign provider should consider seeking continuing orthodontic education at online platforms like Gerety Orthodontic Seminars.

1.     Treat a Broader Range of Cases

Invisalign may limit providers to treat simple cases such as minimally crowded, or relapse cases, or gapped teeth. However, continuing orthodontic training gives you the chance to access and treat a wider range of cases. When you enroll in orthodontic training online, you can work with other professionals like you and treat patients with cross bites and other common malocclusions. As a dentist, this will enable you to help any kind of patient, treat them in the best ways, and transform even the most complex bites to a smile worth admiring.

2.     There are Other “Almost Invisible” Options

It may be that you receive patients who feel uncomfortable with their visible braces. At such times, you can think about providing them with a clear ceramic bracket. This will still make the metal wires connecting the brackets, but they are definitely harder to see and they provide better control over the clear trays. Some of the other common options for braces include:

  • Metal Braces: this is the most common type available and a cheaper option for most patients. Along with metal brackets (or metal bands), and archwires, the bracket is glued on to the teeth and the wire fits into the bracket slots to connect all of them. The teeth move to the shape of the wires and straighten the roots and teeth. With advances in modern orthodontics since its inception back in 1728, there are new technologies and features that show improvement on cases. Through orthodontic training, you can access different results of scientific studies and discuss with colleagues.
  • Clear Braces: similar to metal braces, clear braces are alternatives because they are less visible. Compared to metal brackets, these are plastic, ceramic, or resin materials. Through orthodontic continuing education, you can learn about its pros and cons, as well as discover other alternatives.

3.     Get Better Results and Stay Free from Patient Compliance

When using Invisalign, the outcome of your orthodontic treatment is often dependent on the patients wearing their trays for 22 hours in a day. However, with good orthodontic training, you can learn how to control the timing and outcome of your cases. When patients with Invisalign do not wear their trays, you can speed and improve the treatment by switching them to orthodontics. You can also use brackets to be completely independent of the patient’s compliance during the treatment and control the time.

4.     Learn More, Pay Less, and Earn More

Orthodontic training may be an additional expense, but it is definitely worth your investment. Doctors who provide authentic orthodontic treatment can earn much more from just treating a case in a week. Besides that, when using a traditional brace or other options, you can spend much less on the costs. On average, aligners have a lot of costs and lab fees, which makes them the most inexpensive choice for patients and doctors.

5.     Orthodontic Knowledge Improves Invisalign Treatment

Whether you are a practicing dentist or just one who wishes to increase his knowledge, orthodontic treatment and training seminars can help to improve the outcome of cases related to Invisalign. Having a better understanding of orthodontics can make it easier for you to pick the right cases and provide the suitable design.

There are many advantages for your patients and for you when you consider online orthodontic continuing education to your professional career as a treatment option. If you wish to add more knowledge and skills to your practice, you can always sign up online for more seminars and continuing courses.


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