Discover Hidden talent of your child by enrolling in Bal Bhawans

It’s rightly said by a famous author that ‘if you teach, the child may forget; if you show, the child may retain a little bit but if you involve a child, he will never forget’. Based on these principles a new methodology of teaching has evolved these days which focuses not only the simple traditional education but also on emotional development, reasoning skills development and psychomotor skill development as well. Education has crossed the barrier of four walls of the classroom. It has become essential for the parents to discover the hidden talents of their children in other activities like painting, art, craft, dance, computers etc.With the growing era, going only for academics does not suffice, there is a need to make your child all-rounder by striking a balance between the academic studies and giving wings to his creativity. In this park, music along with dance classes are provided to kids who are in the age group of 4 to 10 years. Classes for both boys along with girls are there and they go on to provide training in Indian and western form of dances. They are split into two age groups respectively.

Govt of India has opened Bal Bhawans in major cities so as to ascertain the hidden talents, creativity and potential of the child.Bal Bhawan offers children a number of activities which supplement the school studies and education. They provide a child very conducive environment where his talents can be flourished and nurtured. Here, at Bal Bhawans, play-way methodology is adopted to make the kids learn and build their interest in that particular activity. There are many programs running for example Creative arts, performing arts, creative writing, scientific innovation, painting, dance, craft and many more on the list. The teachers are well trained and are experts in that field.

All state Bal Bhawans are affiliated to national Bal Bhawan Delhi.This apex body coordinates with state Bal Bhawans for organizing national level workshops, conferences, seminars and other interesting activities. All financial assistance for developing new projects like museum, science parks, and computer labs is done by National Bal Bhawan. Children enrolled in Bal Bhawans get an opportunity to participate in many national level competitions. For example, Bal Bhawan in Mumbai, will be reporting and getting any kind of financial assistance from national Bal Bhawan, Delhi.

Bal Bhawans have set an unbeatable bench mark when it comes to non-formal education institutes. They have active participation in national as well as international programs. The main advantage is that they enrol the child irrespective of his religion, gender and financial status. Bal Bhawans also prepare a child for vocational activities/ streams. They even teach child importance of how to work in a team and focus on group activities like group dance, group song, discussions etc.They also make the child aware of the socio-environmental aspect of the society by conducting surveys, mass tree plantation, awareness camps, etc.

The main aim of Bal Bhawans, as envisioned by its founder Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru is to nurture the curiosity and imagination of the child by letting themenjoy their childhood completely and joyfully. Enrol in Bal Bhawan movement today and see him becoming a successful future engineer, scientist, painter, leaders and above all a more responsible citizen of country.

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