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The Best 5 Grammar Checker Apps

Are you an aspiring blogger, writer or maybe a student or even a blogger who loves and likes to write articles on blog about personal interests, no matter what your profession but as long as per your interest it involves writing then you know how important it is to have a clear understanding of grammar, words and punctuation. Well this article is all about 5 Best Online Grammar Checker Apps. These apps which are mentioned below are the best apps and used worldwide. These checker apps will not only help you to fix your articles mistakes and errors but also it will enhance the overall article writing skills. Just go through with this article, I am sure you will learn something new and innovative. Let’s get started with them.

1) Ginger Grammar App

This is one of the best and popular Online Grammar Checker app. Personally I was recommending this software to each and every one. If you are a writer than I am sure this tool provides a great help to your article. It is fast, efficient and reliable. Also it is easy to use. If you are using this app then you can easily get rid of grammatical errors while texting to other.
If you are a newbie, do not need to worry, you can easily learn its features. You can translate your text and messages in 40 different languages. It covers and corrects vocabulary errors. Isn’t it amazing!

2) English grammar spell checker

The next one is English Grammar. This one is also an wonderful app. It provide many different features like leader board, saved game, comparing the games score with your friends score and more. English grammar checks the tenses, verbs, formality, spellings, adjectives, clauses and many more. You can easily sync this app with different Android devices.

3) Grammar Checker Academic

Basically as the name suggests this app is mainly developed for checking the grammar and spelling errors. It is also consider as a Grammar checker dictionary. The best part here will be its User Interface. You can learn everything about tenses, verbs and nouns. Grammar Checker Academic covers the most important topics like article, adverbs, adjectives, clauses, nouns, subjects and many more. It act as a reliable, fast and flexible app.

Professional experts from analyze will check the grammar of your writing and let you know the grade!

4) Spell Checker Pro

The fourth one is Spell Checker Pro. It is consider being best grammar app for English, Espanol, Italiano, Deutsch, Polski, Czech, Slovak, Ukrainian, Hebrew. An blogger can easily check and correct the spelling mistakes in few clicks. More than 25000 users are attached with this app. The main and interesting feature of this app is its Voice integration feature. You can text via voice and with a long press the search button can check and correct the spelling. This is the unique and advanced feature of Spell Checker Pro.

5) Creative Writing Prompts

The next is Creative Writing Prompts. It is specially for iPhone and iPad. It provide more than 1,000 starting lines and creative writing prompts. It is especially for students because it act as a professional and an student can correct his/her mistakes. You can easily adjust its font size. It is present either in landscape or portrait view. This app will easily sync with Dropbox. You can also set up the Writing reminders for your own motivation.


In the end I would like to say that these 5 Best Online Grammar Checker Apps are the popular app which is used worldwide. You can also use these apps on your iPhone and iPad. These are the flexible and reliable apps. You must give it a try, I am sure you will learn something new and innovative. Plus if you like this article and want to share it. You can share it on your social media profiles. I would only say just install these apps in your smart phone today and develop the better language skills to communicate in English confidently.


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