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Demolishing the GRE

GRE is a test of intelligence. Only the smartest people on the planet are even capable of scoring anything substantial here. You’d be a fool if you thought you could prepare for it. You have to be born with that skill.

If any of those statements are what you think the GRE is, you have been thoroughly mistaken. All of those statements are as true as the sunlight at midnight in Sri-Lanka.  To score well, you need to understand the pattern of the exam. Going from 320/325 to 330+ makes a huge difference and can be done with smart preparations.

  1. Verbal

Considering that you are from a STEM field in India, this might be a nightmare to you if you are not too fluent in English.

  • Vocabulary

It is the most superfluously pompous construct of intellectuals to perform an obligatory analysis of the mental prowess of other beings. Psyche, I don’t talk like that in reality. Nobody does. Well, not enough to care about, anyway. Using big words is not just for showing off, it does get your point across better and more shortly (or succinctly, if my snobby self were to explain it).

Read books, learn words and their meanings through examples. It helps you frame really sophisticated sentences that can go a long way in the essays you write up. The Sentence Equivalence and Text Completions part would be a walk in the park. TOEFL writing gets benefits as well. Barron’s800 word list could be a good way to expose yourself to new words, but if you have time, good novels will help too.

  • Reading Comprehensions

The best advice here would be to first skim through the entire text, getting a gist of what’s happening. Don’t understand some things? Relax. The next time you read through, you know what to focus on. All options should be read and verified with the passage. Since you’ve already skimmed through it, you would roughly know where to look. You can look for some GRE study online Bangalore to help you get more tips like this.

  1. Quantitative

This requires practice, practice and more practice maybe you should actually read it as practise? Yes. You should be solving it right now! Do a lot of problems so that ‘silly mistakes’ would be a thing of the past. Find your own GRE training online Bangalore to give you problems to try out and sharpen your skills.

  1. Analytical Writing Analysis

This part might be considered the hardest to crack. A just about passing score would be enough to score well overall, provided you did well everywhere else. Reading the sample essays and then practising with a timer before the tests can help abundantly. The 30 minutes you write for should be spent well. Try sparing minutes to proofread for spelling mistakes.

  1. General

The GRE is a test of temperament and patience as well. Get to grips with understanding how to manage the 4 hours you are given and also to stay focused all the time to optimise your performance. All the best, cheers!

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