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The writing of personal narrative essay isn’t as complicated as it seems

In this article you will find out what the notion of a personal narrative essay is, its structure and main peculiarities. Apart from that, some helpful tips are included in order to simplify the writing. Follow them and you will be good at essay writing.

Write the essay with ease

A personal narrative essay is a description of the events experienced by an author himself. Usually, it is written in the first person in order to make the reader feel like he or she is involved in the story.

Doing in this way the essay can have a powerful impact on a reader. In order to capture reader’s attention you should follow the next things:

• The essay should be written in a sincere way. You should describe the emotions very precisely. So then a reader will feel the idea you want to deliver and the influence will be great.
• It is very significant that a reader feels that he or she is involved in the story and experiences it with you. Use more details and lots of imagery.
• Write in the first person. It means that you should use “I” when starting a sentence. It gives a reader an understanding that it happened really with you.

An appropriate structure

The structure is typical. It includes:

• Beginning. Firstly, you should mention the general idea of what you are going to tell and your personal opinion. So here the tone of the story must be set.
• Body. An author should tell the story very precisely and describe every important event that happened. These events may be grouped by significance or chronologically.
• Conclusion. In the final paragraph, a reader should understand the point of a story. The story may be a lesson, learning experience or just a description of an interesting situation

Some helpful tips

In order to make your story more catchy use the following ideas:

• Include dialogues and anecdotes in your story to make it funny and more real.
• Use transitory words when writing, e.g therefore, however, although, firstly, etc. It allows you to connect the sentences and paragraph logically.
• Add to your story some compound and complex sentences to make it more eventful. In order to evoke interest, you can use interrogative sentences.
• Use expressive vocabulary like vivid and emotional words.
Be creative and use your fantasy fully. These are the key points that help you to succeed in writing a personal narrative essay.

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