Everything Has a Place and Purpose in Montessori

Here’s how Montessori system makes everything in the classroom surrounding so meaningful and purposeful:

Words + Movement = Reading

Most teachers consider sound games and similar products as the only language objects. But language objects are everywhere – they don’t need to come in a box. Montessori classroom always has a purpose and place for everything. This act is obvious in how small and beautiful objects are placed around the classroom in Montessori school system, where children interact with them to make them more meaningful.

Reading what’s around you

Montessori classroom offers many materials that can be used for early reading activities. Children can play reading games like read a word on a slip of paper and then retrieve the item from the surrounding environment.

Capitalizing on the familiar

The words/objects that teachers choose in Milton Montessori classroom are generally familiar to the child and they have been exposed to these previously. How this helps the child is by making the child more friendly and set for success.

The best part is when children recognize the words, mostly with help of teacher. But when they actually get it, they jump from seats and run around the room to find their selected objects. On retrieval of these objects they proudly get back to the rug with a huge smile. They announce their findings to their fellow students with utmost excitement.

All Ages Benefit!

This activity is carried out in all Montessori classrooms and it benefits all age groups. Although not all the students will be able to read sentences on their own but what this can do is: enhance the confidence and their ability of discovering key elements in reading process.

The game shows the reflection of what’s happening in a child’s mind, as he/she learns to read. The game honors the exact perception of a child’s mind of the physical object and its symbolic representation.

Directing it with Movement

Once the child sounds out the word at his/her own pace, the game then allows the child to have a chance of instant gratification and travel to the object. This movement is the main principle in learning process. Just how Maria always said, movement enhances learning,.

This game does the same, with every unfolding of the game, the child moves through the classroom, learning.

The Classroom is the Main Oyster

Such activities that take place in Montessori education system remind how learning to reading can be more than just fun. Similar games work as powerful tools that develop language and stimulate the brain for enhanced functioning. Such activities when executed properly put the energy in the things lying around the classroom environment.

Montessori perceived the miracle of language development as “a treasure prepared in the unconscious, which is then handed over to consciousness, and the child, in full possession of his new power, talks and talks without cessation.”

Language is never taught; rather it depends on human contact that helps in absorbing and perfecting the language. Words simply label our experiences and a child with varied experiences will develop a well-rounded means of expression.


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