How to Get Prepared for Class 12 Chemistry

Class 12 is a crucial phase in every student’s life. All of the students belonging to the Science streamhave Chemistry in their coursework. According to many students, Chemistry is a difficult subject. So, you should start your preparation from the beginning of the season. Chemistry is a compulsory subject for all the Medical and Engineering aspirants. This subject is also mandatory for various other important Degree courses. Chemistry is a very important subject, so you should be very careful and serious about your preparation. Your hard work and dedication can only bring you a good score. At first, properly go through the syllabus, question pattern, and types of questions and then make a preparation strategy. Now, start your preparation in a step-by-step process.

How to take Preparation for Physical Chemistry?

After making the preparation blueprint, start your journey from the first chapter of your textbook. After the first chapter, move on the cbse class 12 Chemistry chapter 2. It belongs to the chapter ‘Solutions’, a part of Physical Chemistry that is associated with a lot of numerical questions. Clear the basic concept first in order to solve them. Practice as much as you can. To solve the numerical questions, you have to understand the underlying concepts as well as memorize a range of formulas. Take a note of all the formulas in a notebook and it will be helpful during your exam rush. Physical Chemistry involves with some complex concepts. Take help from your teachers if you get stuck in any area. Thus, continue to the next chapters one by one. Remember that your fundamental basic concepts should be clear before you jump to the advanced concepts.

After clearing the basic and underlying concepts properly, now it’s time to solve the exercise questions one by one. You should go through the NCERT Solutions in which solutions of the exercise questions are given with full explanation. Such as, the NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Solutions are associated with the exercise solutions of the‘Aldehydes Ketones and Carboxylic Acids’ chapter. It is a part of Organic Chemistry. Revise the theory questions and practice the numerical questions properly.Organic Chemistry is a complex area that is full of equation balancing and converting concepts. Take a special stress in this area. After clearing every concept, now it’s time to start solving the previous year’s questions. It will help to brush up your already learned concepts. Take care of your time management,as in exam you have to solve the questions in a specified time.

Self-Assessment is Important

The last part of the preparation is associated with the mock test. It is very important to appear for a number of mock tests before the actual exam as they will be helpful in the assessment of your knowledge and preparation level. You can assess your weak areas after having the mock test results. Start appearing for the mock tests much before the actual exam for going through the weak part properly and make a solid preparation. Chemistry requires a lot of understanding, practice, and memorizing. Through your serious preparation, success will surely come to you.

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