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Girl of My Dreams Book Review

A book is a man’s best friend. It is truly said that, “there is a book that is especially made for you”. Girl of my dreams is one such book that is being loved by millions of book worms across the globe. It is a romantic fantasy fiction novel written by Durjoy Dutta. The book features the story of a guy Daman who meets with an accident and immediately goes into a coma. The only thing he remembers is that he was in the car with a girl and that the girl’s name was Shreyasi. But just after the accident Shreyasi was nowhere to be found – she was neither dead nor alive.

The main plot is very strong and concise and the few subplots that have been written well do equally well to blend in with the main plot. The story is refreshingly different and the element of thrill and mystery around “Shreyasi” adds up as a bonus. Durjoy Datta has managed to deliver twists and turns right till the end of the book and in the process made this book an absolute page-turner.

“The Girl of my Dreams” maintains a fast pace right till the second half, where it somehow slows down before speeding up again in the end. The characters are an interesting bunch. I simply loved the character of Shreyasi; she is strong, hot-headed and gets what she wants. Daman is also noteworthy but fades in comparison to the dynamic Shreyasi. The climax is fairly good too with a satisfying end to such an intriguing story.

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The Girl of My Dreams is a thriller with love and obsession as a central theme.

Daman, an aspiring writer is obsessive about his muse Shreyasi. He writes about her and his readers love him. It’s about time he wrote a full-fledged book of his own especially since he has left his job to pursue writing. He is happily committed to Avni, a banker who is a charming young lady and loves his back equally.

A dream haunts Daman consistently; a dream in which he is sitting with Shreyasi in a car. Every time, their car meets an accidents and Shreyasi dies. Anyhow, he manages to push his book to a famous editor who brutally edits out the character of Shreyasi.

This is when Shreyasi surges up in Daman’s life. Is she real? If yes, where has she been? What does she want from him now?

Expert review:

According to google reads,” Girl of my dreams is a good book and is worth reading. All the characters have been thought of and written nicely and depict a clear image in the readers mind. The story is somehow slow but keeps the reader stuck till the end.”

According to Amol Rawat, The book has extremely little to offer in those over stretched context. It has his signature explicit descriptions of the intimate moments and a couple of curses in Hindi which were both not required.

Final Verdict

Overall the book has bagged some good amount of readers. Buy a copy for yourself and enjoy the romantic story with some amazing twists and turns. The book has a simple story which will surely touch your heart.

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