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How to Improve Your Child’s Chances of Scoring a Scholarship

If your income is insufficient to cover your child’s school expenses, or you simply need a little boost to pay for tuition, the best alternative is to apply for a scholarship. Student loans can put a financial burden on your child which may affect them for years, so it is a good idea to start planning early for a scholarship if you want to limit these effects. Here are a few tips to increase your child’s chances of getting a scholarship.

1. Get a Private Tutor

One of the main factors that scholarships consider when assessing applications is the child’s performance. For instance, if you are applying for a college scholarship, the board considers the child’s performance in the entrant exams. Get a private tutor early to help your child with his or her weak subjects. Good grades in all subjects will increase your child’s chances of success in scoring a scholarship.

2. Prioritize Local Scholarships

Most parents use the same approach when looking for a scholarship. They all turn to the internet and apply for all available scholarships. Sites like offer different scholarships from high school to MBA scholarships. The competition for these scholarships is high. When using such a website, apply for the scholarship in your state or city. An alternative way is to approach organizations or businesses in your area that offer scholarships and ask for funds.

3. Be Careful with the Requirements

You need to apply for as many scholarships as you can to get help. Each scholarship has specific requirements. Ensure that you fill out all the required fields with accurate information and counter check the forms before submitting. For instance, most scholarships will require an essay from the applicants. Train your child to write a personalized essay for each application. Do not send the same essay with all the applications.

4. Talk to the School Counselor

If you are looking for scholarships from academic institutions in your area or state, get to know the school counselor. Many school boards rely on the counselor to identify the needy students. Some schools do not advertise their scholarships but instead ask their counselor to select a few students for the scholarships. The counselor at your child’s school can also help you pick the right scholarships to apply to or can recommend your child to a specific institution.

5. Consider Small Scholarships

Your goal when looking for a scholarship is to get a full scholarship to cover all expenses. However, you should be open to small amounts while working towards your goal. Any funds you get will cover some expenses that you cannot pay out of pocket. Include both large and small amounts in your list of scholarships. Treat all applications the same way by meeting all the requirements and submitting original essays.

These tips should allow your child to get a better chance to score a scholarship. The best thing you could do is start looking for various scholarships and do not limit your options if you want to increase your chances.


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