One of The Greatest Minds of All Time: Leonardo Da Vinci

Through the course of history there have been only a few men who have influenced as many fields as deeply as Leonardo da Vinci. Be it painting, sculpture, architecture, anatomy or writing, this man has found his niche in all fields. He is regarded as the father of multiple fields. In the world of visual art, he has found a special respect for his profound contributions. His artwork has been in great demand through the course of history. Many patrons claim to have found the hidden meaning in his works. If you are reading this article then you are one of the many interested parties too. have you been looking for new avenues to discover art? Welcome to the mesmerising world of Here you can find everything that you have been looking for, including famous art works that have puzzled people all over the world.

Understanding art:

A dedicated online destination for art lovers everywhere, this site has sme of the most celebrated works of da Vinci. There are online forums and interaction pages too, where you can indulge in deep discussions with other users, share and learn new viewpoints. A load of mythology and symbolism is associated with his work. Being influenced with religious and personal factors all through his life, he conveyed all his opinions through his work for people to ponder over. Also, he is said to have founded secret cults and following that are dedicated to a new stream of thinking, one that puts scientific reasoning before everything.

Know your da Vinci

It matters not if you are someone new to the world of art or have been scouring its horizons since long, there is something for everyone here. From learning about new things to expanding your field of knowlegde, you can sharpen your intellect. Being one of the most prolific personalities of late 15th century, da Vinci is said to be the greatest mind of his era. He has been behind the invention of key technological marvels and mechanical turnarounds. Being a prolific sailor, he has contributed vastly to cartology too.

A hub of knowledge:

Building for quite some time now, has a substantial collection of his work. You can not only view but read about them too, what prompted him and what his inspiration; get an in detail knowledge about it all. What sets it apart from other like it, is the real life like quality of these images. They are not snapshots but real scans of the original. You can find all his works and preparatory sketches for his sculpting projects. Dive into the world of da Vinci.

Inspiration for others:

With the works of da Vinci you get the added benefit of getting to know the complex world of religion, myths and conspiracies. Leonardo da Vinci has been an inspiration for many artworks, motion pictures, TV serials and works of literature. Know what makes him so special and sets him apart from other influential figures.

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