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Is It Worth Studying from NCERT Books And Exemplars for Exams?

NCERT exemplars and books are very important if you are a student who is aspiring to sit for competitive exams like JEE, CAT, or someone who is planning to get into civil service sector like IAS and others. However, before you write these exams, during your preparation stage you will mostly hear people saying “refer NCERT books” or use NCERT exemplars to study productively and succeed in the exams. Some might have even confessed that these are the best reference tool for studying. And they are quite right! Over the years NCERT solutions which include books and exemplars, have been mostly used as a preferred study tool by the aspirants and they also recommended this all the time to others. The main reason for these solutions to enjoy such status is mainly because these are created by experienced people in the field and the content they publish is relevant and detailed. Besides, the NCERT exemplars along with books and other solutions help students develop a strong foundation in various subjects.

Having said that, in this article, we will look at NCERT exemplars and try to understand its meaning as well as its importance in a student’s life. So let’s begin.

What Are Exemplars?

NCERT exemplars are basically workbooks that contain practice questions and are meant to facilitate in-depth learning. The NCERT exemplar or books mostly contain conceptual problems and sums which are further CBSE board exams oriented or they can be based on competitive exams. All in all, these are beneficial for you.

Most of the exemplars are designed especially for competitive exams and gives exposure to MCQs, skill developing questions, new concepts, and will help you get familiar with all the topics. NCERT Exemplar also helps students focus more on the important concepts for the exams.

Importance of NCERT Exemplar

Generally, students tend to get stressed during exam preparations and therefore it becomes an important task for students to choose the right resources in order to pass with great results. Referring NCERT exemplar books can help solve this problem. While many have positive views on the usefulness of the books, these are a very good study tool for all types of exams in India. Some of the reasons why choosing NCERT exemplar books over others is better is as follows;

Reliable Information

Since NCERT exemplars and books are written by experts and only after extensive research the information is accurate and will aid students to gain the right knowledge.
These exemplars also cover both the basics and fundamentals on all topics so it will help is preparing well for the exams.

Simple Language and Style

The content in NCERT exemplars and books are mostly written in an easy to understand language. This is mainly done to help students grasp the topic quickly and also retain them for a longer period of time.

Library of Important Questions

Most of the NCERT exemplar books come with a good set of questions along with other information or tips. These questions cover the entire syllabus of the exam. Many questions in some of the top exams are taken from NCERT books. Students can use these questions to practice and prepare effectively and be ready to tackle any type of question that can be asked in the exams.

To learn more about NCERT Solutions, students can check out BYJU’s YouTube channel where they will also find new and interesting ways to learn about many different concepts.

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