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Learning through playing – do children need gadgets?

Children are spending less time outdoors opting for staying indoors to play with their smartphones, PCs and tablets. Many say that this trend has a rather bad on children’s health; many claim that parents should closely monitor the leisure of their children and limit their pastime spend at the screen. However, only a few talk about the benefits of mobile devices. About how a Motorola phone or any other good smartphone may awaken in kids a desire for knowledge and to help in the development of basic skills such as literacy and numeracy. This is what we are going to discuss in this article.

Keep in mind

Any educational game or app, even if it is very useful, may harm a child if you do not adhere to basic rules of devices’ use. Also, do not forget about the Internet and gadget addiction, which children are exposed to much more than adults: before you know it, your child is head over heels with some new game. In general, here is a number of obvious but important advice to you as a parent.


Children in the age of 2-3 years should not spend more than 15-20 minutes at mobile device’s screen. The older the child becomes, the more time with the device they can spend: at the age of 4-5 years – up to half an hour, in the 6-8 years – about one hour, in 9-15 years – about three hours a day. Kids who haven’t turned two years you should steer clear of digital technology.


Make sure that your child sits upright; their elbows are not hanging off the table, and their legs are in a stable position on the floor or on a footrest. Periodically correct them, and soon your kid will develop the correct posture.


A device’s screen should be placed at least two feet from the child’s eye level and not closer than that. In addition, before you hand over the device to your child, you should lower the screen brightness.


A child will take any new gadget as a toy, if you do not explain to them that this device is primarily intended for work or school. Ideally, you should explain this, of course, via your own example.

Applications and games

Spending time while playing educational games, a child mixes business with pleasure. The interface of almost any application of this kind is saturated with bright colors, and the tasks are clear to any young user.


You can explain to your child that a smartphone / tablet knows the answer to any question. The kid will want to check it, and in the future, they will be able to find their own answers to various questions. Particularly busy parents will like the bonus in the form of free time, which was spent previously to answer their children’s questions.

To sum up, we can say that if you explain to your child how to use a mobile device properly while making sure they are using it in this way, you child will only benefit from gadgets. Additionally, we would like to say that if you are looking for a smartphone for your child, we suggest you buy iPhone 5 or pretty much any iPhone as IPhone apps are very kids friendly.

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