Strategies To Reduce Exam Anxiety At Higher Secondary Level

Exam anxiety is the mental distress and fear experienced by students, which they have to face during examinations. Research says that the level of higher secondary students facing so many problems as compared to schooling level during examination. At higher level we feel much pressure to perform our best. So let’s see how we can reduce these types of issues to work better in the exams. 

Having Trouble during Examination?

There is a weird psychology between students and exams and it is often seen that students start getting anxious as soon as the exams approach near. However, Following are the aspects which can resolve all the issues occurred during evaluations for the exam.

Prepare yourself before examination.

Preparation is a key to achieve your goals .You should bet yourself to be prepared and make ensure that you are well aware what you have learned. Consequently start studying as early as possible for the exam.

So, don’t wait until the last moment to do the following:

  • Study the course materials
  • Do all the course reading
  • Do all the homework assignments

Avoid social media

Avoid social media

Students should avoid the distraction of social media. At the end of the semester, drives students to crazy extremes which cause nervousness so you must focus on the exam more and deactivate your social media accounts to be succeeded. Remember passing your exam is more important than posting pictures and status right now.






Sleep Well

Sleep Well

Regular sleep is one of the best sources to control stress. This is troubled to control nervousness, but having some rest will ensure that you will perform best in exam. So, don’t freak out, because the most important thing is to remember to schedule time for sleep. If you don’t sleep you won’t be able to focus .Make sure that go to bed early the night before exam, rather than staying up all night to study. Your brain won’t be able to hold on to all crammed information anyway.

Practice  to  get  Success

 Practice  to  get  Success

Practice success will help you to stay calm and reduce some of your anxiety issues. If you are excellently prepared and studied as much as possible then there is no need to be fearful about the exam.

‘’There is no glory in practice, but without practice there is no glory’’

Or you can also says that

‘’knowledge is of no value unless you put into practice’’

Don’t get hopeless

Hopelessness is the second cause of death .which takes students into negative thoughts. Negative thoughts not only affect you mentally but physically also. If you frequently blame yourself when something bad happens you will definitely engage with bad situations. So learners should avoid this type of habits in examine.

Get accurate information.

  • Check your lectures properly and get an understanding of the grading procedure. If you don’t understand, ask. Well before the exam; make sure you know where it will be held, the start time, how long it will last, whether extra time will be allowed. Ask your Lecturer any questions like when the marks will be available, what materials can or should be brought into the exam room.

 Approach with confidence: 

No matter how weak you’re with your preparations, if your approach is strong nothing can hinder your performance. Believe that no matter what comes your way, you will be able to do it easily and accurately.

Participate in class lectures

Many Professors give important hints during lectures about exams which may be include in exams. Students make sure to write those down and study them. Which will be very helpful for learning? Therefore concentrate on your lectures can help you manage your anxiety.




  • Re write your notes before exam
  • Review lecture over the weekends
  • Start studying when planned
  • Eliminate distraction like mobile phone /internet chats during study time
  • Set specific goals for your studying
  • Try not too much study at one time
  • Keep your focus during class timings
  • Make good communication with teachers.
  • Start study difficult subject first.
  • Have a positive attitude
  • Focus on healthy food.
  • Be confident while studying.
  • Don’t grade yourself
  • Sleep well before the exam, it will prevent you anxiety, depression and restlessness


‘’don’t stress Do your best FORGET THE REST’’




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