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The Krishna key Ashwin Sanghwi Book Review


Are you looking to read something which will lave you spell bound then Krishna key by Ashwin Sanghwi is just the right read for you. It is a book written in a very unique form which combines the age-old theory with what we witness in today’s world.

Ashwin Sanghi is a name that gained popularity with the first ever novel he wrote. This is his third novel and quite different from what he has written before. He writes book on fiction and thriller genre and combines them in such a manner that leaves the readers spell bound.  The books that he writes are based on mythological, theological and historical themes. This new era author knows the pulse of the new reader and has made an unique effort to cater to the audience just what they would like. He is listed in the Forbes India celebrity list for his writing capabilities and popularity amongst the readers.

Krishna Key is an anthropological thriller where a history professor had to prove his innocence against a murder charge where all the evidence is against him. Readers will clearly be able to make a connection in the story and the epic Mahabharata. Sanghvi states that he wanted to retell the story but, in a way, that it has not been mentioned and thus uses the character of Krishna which has many layers and is suited to be a perfect grey character.

Price of the book

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Book review

Ashwin’s book centers around the character of Ravi Mohan Saini who is the protagonist. He is a historian who has been accused of killing his own childhood friend. He is hell bent to clear his name of all charges and thus goes on a quest to uncover the truth about the actual killer. He reaches the serial killer who thinks of himself as the final avtar of Vishnu- Kalki. There are other friends of Saini who are also under the threat and thus he makes all effort to ensure that he saves them while he clears his name. His quest is not an easy one and takes him from the lost city of Dwarka to the temples in Vrindavan. The thriller involves four parts of a seal that must be brought together in order to solve the mystery. The readers are advised to keep a track of the seals and read with an open mind as a lot of information will be coming their way. They are advised not to get too lost in the mythology as the book has everything that you would require to enjoy it.

Expert review

Anupam Times: They give it 3.5 stars out of 5 mentioning that the ending is not as strong as the beginning. But the book is captivating and the readers will be comparing it to writers of Davinci code, Paulo Coelho, J.K Rowling etc. They praise Sanghifor bringing in a subject which is difficult to and then backing it up with facts to make it interesting. This book is well researched and it shows in every part of it. The plot is highly captivating and the only thing off is that the characters are not as strong as the writing or the situations.

DNA: The DNA does not appreciate the over explanation of the situations in the book. The connection or mentioning of Mahabharata at each page is a little unnecessary and gives a break in the otherwise comfortable flow. The characters according to DNA are fine but the sidelining of Tarak Vakilwhich grips the audience seems like a bad decision and breaks the plot flow.

Bookgeeks: It gives the book 3.5 stars out of 5 overall. Talking about Indian mythology there are many mentions that Krishna has promised to come back in a new avatar in the Kaliyug. The book talks about the rich boy born poor who thinks he is the final avatar but only to realize that he is a serial killer. It is not very fast paced and thus is a nice read for people who are looking something light. It is something that you will not regret reading at all.

It is a well researched book which takes many turns and keeps the readers involved.  The book is all set to be a motion picture where the rights have been sold to Eros International. People who are looking for reading something similar should also try reading Chanakya’s chant that is another best seller from the same author. Talking about books on Hindu Mythology with a good twist one can also try the Shiva trilogy.

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