Topmost art classes to attend in Bangalore in January 2017!

If you have a knack for art and crafts, then this winter attend some lovely art classes in the city of Bangalore. This will be a very enriching experience. Here are some options which you can consider.

Decoupage Art Workshop: This is a one day class which is happening on 22nd January from 9 Am in the morning till 6 o’ clock in the evening. Organized by Cherry’s Creative Corner, it is happening at St Clarke’s Hotel which is located at the Central Bangalore. One has to register themselves by paying Rs3500, and then after reaching the venue, they have to pay Rs 3500, and it includes lunch and other refreshments. The last date when you can register is till 19th January. This is basically an event of art and craft where one can learn how to shape a paper and glue it to objects and seal the surface to make some fascinating things. Come and join to know the creative space and make it even more enriched.

Art of Water Colour: Organized by Art House, this is going to happen at the Venkatappa Art Gallery on 22nd of January from 9 AM onwards. Though it starts from 22nd, it is actually a ten-week workshop which takes one through the beautiful journey of how to water colour images and how to discover the city of Bangalore through art. The workshops are not going to take place indoors. It will be taking place at various places like Tipu Palace, Bull Temple, Laal Bagh, Bugal Rock Park, Sanky Lake and many other. One can learn art and painting from nature through this workshop.

Secrets of Water Colour Painting: This event is organized by Shiny Colours and will be organized at Venkatappa Art Gallery on 21st January from 10 AM, and it will end on the day after which is 22nd January at 5 PM in the evening. Ready to learn the art work with water colour with the maestro Amit Kapoor? This is a 2-day hand on workshop which helps one get to know all the nitty-gritty of water colour artwork. The seats are limited and one has to register their seats fast. For booking a seat, one needs to pay Rs5500. This is a very rare chance to attend a workshop conducted by a person who is the lecturer of college of Art in Delhi and a famous painter himself.

Ecoprint Workshop in Bangalore: This is a bit rare kind of event as eco print workshop in India has not been done much before in this country. This is a five-day workshop which is conducted by Anne George and it starts from 16th January 9.00 AM on wards. This will go on for five days and will end on 20th January at 5.00 PM. To register in this rare workshop, one needs to pay only Rs5500. This is a very intense workshop conducted by eco print expert Irit Dulman which helps you to learn how to print beautiful botanic on fabrics.

So, go ahead and attend these beautiful art classes in Bangalore and learn something exquisite.

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