How to Turn Your Love of Reading into a Career

Are you the type of person who can always be seen reading at home, on the subway, and even during your breaks at work? Do you have what seems like an endless list of books that you’re looking forward to reading? Have you always loved diving into books, whether they’re non-fiction books that teach you something new or works of fiction that allow you to escape into another world? Then why not turn that love of reading into a career? Below are a few of the top careers for people who love to read to help you get started.

Become an Editor

A great way to combine your love of reading and writing is by becoming an editor. There’s a host of outlets that you can work for, and there’s also a wide variety of editing jobs to choose from as well. For instance, if you become a content editor or a developmental editor, you will help a writer with their story. On the other hand, if you become a copy editor, you will focus more on checking the accuracy, clarity, style, and grammar of a written work. You can learn about a variety of degrees that will prepare you for a career in editing by checking out resources like

Become a Literary Agent

If you want to work in the publishing industry, consider becoming a literary agent or a literary manager. You will basically be in charge of helping authors sell their books to the top publishers, so in addition to making your own career move forward, you‘ll be helping a writer’s career too. Pretty neat, right?

Become an English Teacher

Another way to turn your love of reading into a fulfilling career is by becoming an English teacher. In addition to teaching students how to read and write, you could also spend your days reading the books that you will end up teaching your class. If you are the type of person who enjoys educating others and if you really love talking about a book that you read recently, this could be a great way to make a difference and inspire youngsters to love reading just as much as you do. Plus, you could choose from a range of jobs on the grammar school, high school, and college levels.

Book Reviewer

A book reviewer is a person who gets to read a variety of books and then write about them so that others can choose whether or not they would like to read the books too. Just like music reviewers check out the latest albums to share their opinions with fellow consumers, a book reviewer could work for large and small publications, as well as websites, and basically get paid to read and then write about what they read.

With the job ideas above, you could get yourself on a path towards using your love of reading to make money. Depending upon what you like to do most, whether it’s teaching, writing, or helping authors succeed, you could nail down the job that you will enjoy going to every day.

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