Is UPSC Examination Tough or Easy?

A large number of students appear for the UPSC examination, but only a few can successfully qualify it. It will be right to say it is one of the toughest examination conducted across the country. Indian Administrative services are one of the elite jobs in our country and therefore, it is important to qualify all the exams to acquire the position.

There are various reasons due to which UPSC examination is considered to be one of the toughest examinations.

Changes in Examination Pattern

A number of times it has been noticed that the pattern of the examination keeps on changing at regular intervals. Therefore, students find it difficult to qualify it. Many times they are unaware of the changes brought in the examination.

High Competition Rate

It is a known fact that a large number of candidates appear for the examination every year. This soaring competition rate makes it difficult for the candidates to qualify it. Only a few come out with flying colors. Students spend many years for the preparation of the examination and even then fail to achieve success. This is one of the major factors why this examination is considered to be so tough.

Huge Syllabus

Another reason why UPSC examination is tough is due to its huge syllabus. It becomes relatively impossible to cover each and every topic in the given time interval. Students have to prepare both for prelims and mains papers which include a lot of subjects like history, current affairs, geography, Indian polity, and general science and aptitude questions. However, students can take help from the IAS exam study material for their preparation.

With a doubt, UPSC examination is one of the toughest examinations to crack in the country. The aspirants who qualify the examination have to sacrifice a lot studying for several hours with complete focus and dedication. The candidates need to adjust their time accordingly to spend most of the time for the preparation. However, aspirants can design their own strategy to crack the examination. Some of the strategies are mentioned below to make the examination easier.

Balanced Approach

It is important for the candidates to have a balanced approach to the preparation. Analyze the subjects properly while choosing the optional subjects. Both the prelims and mains examination need to be given equal importance. Students should understand the concepts and study the optional subjects simultaneously to qualify the examination. Try to cover all the points by making short notes to score good marks.

Presentation Skills

Another approach for making exam easier is to develop good presentation skills. To qualify the mains, students need to focus on their answer writing skills to fetch more marks. Students should pen down your knowledge, facts, and figures in the most effective way along with incorporating all the relevant points in the answer. Therefore, always keep in mind the type of questions being asked in the examination from every topic. This gives a better dimension to your preparation strategy. Practice answer writing by joining a Main Test series would be helpful to write an organized and well presented answer

Selective Studies

It is essential for the IAS candidates to understand the importance of selective studies for the preparation of IAS exam. Being selective will help you to qualify the examination. There is a vast syllabus which needs to be covered in relatively less time. It is when a selective study comes into the scene. Joining a good coaching institute like Vajiram and Ravi can help you to qualify the examination as the teachers know the importance of each subject. Students can take help from the previous year examination to analyze the pattern of the examination and the type of questions asked in the examination. Don’t waste time in studying the unnecessary topics. Develop the approach of selective studies to qualify the examination.

Study for Compulsory Papers

The compulsory papers for UPSC examination are English, other Indian language papers, and one easy paper. Therefore, importance needs to be given to all these subjects in order to qualify it with good numbers. If you fail to qualify these papers, your G.S, Essay and Optional Subject answer papers would not be taken up for evaluation. Pay equal attention to all these subjects devoting proper time during the preparation.

Aspirants should study efficiently to qualify the UPSC examination for a better future.

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