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Computer Programming and Information Technology Degree Program in New York


Computer Information Systems support principal functions of almost all organizations across the globe. The entire world is running on the concept of coding and decoding through computer programming languages. These systems demand a spotlight on the structural and functional components of computers, the theory which determines their operation and their practical applications. To support system networks, professionally trained programmers and network engineers serve in extensive ranges of business, at all levels of government bodies, private sector, and in public and social services formulations.

The Computer Programming and Information Technology Program offered at ASA College is designed to enable aspiring students with little or no knowledge about computer operations to successfully become professional business application programmers or programming analysts. The department provides specialized coaching in every aspects of Web Development with ASP.NET, Visual Communications and Graphics.

The program aims at implementing comprehensive education patterns enveloping various aspects of computer science including computer architecture, database management, advanced programming techniques as well as design and development of Internet operations using ASP.NET. The curriculum is carefully topped off with selective courses in liberal arts and science that boosts the students’ educational experience and makes them ready for the challenges of advanced emerging technology.

Program goals:

After the successful completion of the graduate program, the students are required to demonstrate the following abilities:

  1. Expertise to design detailed progress charts and diagrams to describe the input, output and logical operations and accordingly convert them into a set of instructions that can be easily coded in a variety of professional business standard computer languages.

  2. Profitable collaboration schemes with Business Analysts or professional users to expand, prioritize, and estimate the needful requirements for software implementation.

  3. The perfect skilful outlook to critically design, establish, document, inspect and debug software and computer systems using logical and mathematical elucidations.

  4. Experience to outline, develop, record, test and repair basic web based programs and core database applications.

  5. The proficiency in compiling and writing certifications during the software development cycle.

Career outlook:

The occupational employment projections from 2010 to 2020 statistically show that the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Computer Programmers, Software Developers and Graphic Designers are the most rapidly growing occupations in the present technologically advanced world. Students graduating in this advance programming course has no difficulty in finding career opportunities as there are so many of them ruling the scientific sphere. For example, there are coding engineers, computer programmers, front-end/back-end developers, desktop publishers, webmasters, visual image developers and many other tech-industry positions that open up different options in a programmer’s career.

The Computer Programming course offered at ASA College primarily focuses on the training required to qualify the students for successful employment in the territory of computer programming and information technology. The program aims at building a concrete platform for the students to make an easier transition to the Bachelor’s degree program in Computer Science or Information Management Systems and to provide a virtual exposure to the competitive programming world.

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