Nurseries – Do They Truly Help Children Develop?

When you have young children in the home, it can be difficult to decide whether you should send your child to a nursery. There are thousands of articles on the internet that share a wide range of stories about this type of service, both in support of and against nurseries. To sort through the biased opinions on both sides, you need to look only at the facts and determine what is best for your child’s unique needs.

Day nurseries in Dubai are a great option for parents during the early years of their children’s development. Nurseries provide the opportunity to socialise with children their age, learn important skills, and discover the beginnings of their personality. The right nurseries staff highly trained individuals with a passion for teaching and helping children. That said, there are still millions of parents that are hesitant about nurseries. The only way to decide is to look at your own unique situation and the needs of your child.

Preparation for School

Going from the unstructured space of a home to the highly structured atmosphere of school can be disorienting for young children. In addition, spending all of their time alone or with only one or two siblings at home cannot prepare them for a full class of their peers. At best, they may find it difficult to focus on their instructor, but at worst, they may find it difficult to fit in with their peers and establish a positive role in the classroom.

Children benefit from nurseries immensely, as they allow them to mix with other children in a safe and monitored manner. Nurseries are highly structured, similar to schools, but they offer more time for children to play and explore. Look to sites such as to find a nursery you can trust and help your child prepare for the experience of school.

Important Skills

When children have the opportunity to play and interact with others their age, they learn important social skills that are crucial for a positive experience in school and other aspects of life. Through group play, they learn how to share and what it is to argue, and they begin to develop socially. It is in the nursery that they may make their first friends, discover likes and dislikes, and learn how to work together with others. Even the experience of finding something they dislike is a crucial step in a child’s emotional and social development.


Children are amazing creatures, and they learn more lessons through play than adults learn through years of study and practice. Nurseries encourage play both alone and with other children, and this is a great way for children to learn important skills. Hand-eye coordination, colour and shape recognition, and the ability to create patterns are just a few of the skills they learn through play. Nurseries offer a monitored, secure environment in which children can play and interact with one another without the fear of coming across something they should not. At home, you never know what they may get into when your back is turned. A nursery has a number of adults in the room at all times to ensure your young one is taken care of and always safe from their environment and their own curiosity.

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