Online Entrepreneurship – What Does It Take?

It is a fact that being successful at Inter/Network Marketing doesn’t come easily for most people. It didn’t for me. The failure rate for network and online marketing is 97%. Why is it that some succeed where most fail? What does it take to become successful?

I found, through experience, that there are 3 basic ground-rules that are essential and require serious consideration if you wish to have a successful internet marketing business.

Your ‘Why?’

The first thing you have to ask yourself is why you want to have an online business. For me, it was the thought of going back out to work in an office. I had been a Personal Assistant before my little girl, now 11. Now, I found my office skills outdated. If I’m going to have to retrain, I pondered, I need to educate myself in something high-quality, that is relevant now, something that I can put to use to build a business with. When I thought about my ‘why’, it became obvious that with my daughter growing up and maybe needing university fees in a few years, and my husband out of work due to health problems, these were two very good ‘whys’, and incentives to succeed.


After months of browsing the web buying almost every educational e-book I came across, and spending a ton of money I couldn’t really afford, I came across an education and training site that provides all the elements needed to build a successful business. The introductory training is free. It is essential training and reading to anyone who wants to be successful online. I guarantee it will save a lot of wasted time and money. I only wish I’d found this training earlier.


I looked up the term ‘mindset’ in the dictionary – “a habitual or characteristic mental attitude that determines how you will interpret and respond to situations and Online Entrepreneurship.

The battle is between our ears. It’s the preset notions embedded into our minds which can stop us moving forward for fear of the unknown, or what lies ahead. We can overcome these limiting beliefs which hold us back and unblock the road to our success by conquering the limitations we set on ourselves. This is known as ‘stepping out of our comfort zone’ where we feels safe and secure.

I believe these are major personal steps that should be thought about seriously where life changing decisions are on the horizon.

I know that to change and develop personally, that transformation must come from within. To achieve greater things in our lives, we have to get uncomfortable and step out of our comfort zone.

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