Porus Full Episode Cast and Main Characters

Porus could be a nice individual. He has vast intelligence, bravery and leadership skills. He was King Bamni and Queen Anusuya’s son. He gets hit by Shivdutt’s conspiracy. He grows up in distant lands in between the pirates. He later rules over and protects the Pauravas kin group. he’s named Purushottam by his mother. he’s destined to rule over people’s hearts and conquer the planet. Porus needs to meet Anusuya’s dream of a united country. His greatest battle happens with Alexander.


Alexander is born to Queen Olympia of Macedonia. He was a blessing of Lord Zeus for her. The folks worship him as Zeus’ kid. he’s raised by Olympia and Duke of Edinburgh. Alexander became the King of Macedonia. he’s determined to beat the globe and keep it at Olympia’s feet. Alexander has the simplest of person skills. he’s a good ruler and fighter. Alexander is termed a master of fate. He loses to Porus within the epic battle of Hydaspes.

King Bamni and Queen Anusuya:

King Bamni dominated over Paurava kingdom, that was a region of Jhelum. He had robust enmity with Anusuya’s brother Ambiraj, UN agency dominated over neighboring province Takshashila. Bamni married Anusuya solely to deceive her. He wins her trust by supporting her dream of United Asian country. Post wedding, Bamni takes revenge from Anusuya for his brother Shivdutt’s insult by abandoning her. Anusuya reconciles with Bamni. She gets driven for revenge by Ambiraj, UN agency gets aggravated by Darius. However, Anusuya sticks to her ideals of seeing one peaceful country, protected by the evil invaders.

King Philip and Queen Olympia:

Philip and Olympia have a matrimonial discord. She expresses her hate to him each moment. Phulip wished to possess a heir. She doesn’t would like in touch his kid. Olympia hates him from all her heart. Olympia worships Lord Zeus. She seeks a baby from him in a very miraculous method. Olympia names her kid Alexander. She holds Philips accountable for wrecking her dignity. She is assured that her son can bring her lost pride back. Olympia conspires to rule over the globe.


He is a Persian merchant. he’s a shrewd, wicked, artful and unpleasant person. he’s abundant greedy. He can’t stand any competitor. Darius employs the divide and rule policy. He eyes the Jhelum stretch, the land identified for his gold heritage. Darius tries to strengthen his roots. He enters Jhelum as a merchant, however contains a motive to beat the land. Darius becomes the rationale for prolonged enmity between Paurava and Takshashila Rajyas. Darius breaks Anusuya’s United Asian country dreams.

Porus Cast:

Laksh Lalwani playing the role as Purushottam/Puru/Porus, King of Pauravas

Rohit Purohit playing the role as Alexander the Great

Suhani Dhanki playing the role as Queen of Pauravas

Rati Pandey playing the role as Queen Anusuya, Porus’ Mother

Aditya Redij playing the role as King Bamni, Porus’ Father

Raviz Thakur playing the role as Seleucus I Nicator

Praneet Bhat playing the role as Darius III

Gurpreet Singh King Ambiraj, King of Taxila

Mohit Abrol playing the role as Prince Hasti

Chirag Jani playing the role as Dasyu King

Aman Dhaliwal playing the role as Amatya Shivdutt

Vishal Patni playing the role as Farus

Porus Full Episode

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