Tips for 2018- How to Write a Professional and Effective CV?

Whenever it comes to a job change or job hunting first thing which comes to mind is CV. Right.  Your CV acts as a ticket to go in an interview; it is something which leaves an impact on recruiters. Writing a good CV is the toughest challenge that everyone faces in their life. Most recruiters just take few seconds in scanning each resume before taking any “yes” or “no” decision. This is the most important thing on which you need to pay some extra attention to get selected by the employers.

CV is like a resume but it includes more information on one’s academic background, experience, skills, research, presentations, publications etc.

Seekers now can avail the benefits of CV writing services where seekers are provided with the professionally written resume through which candidates can get an early shortlisting as compared to others.

Here are some tips to write a proper CV:

Use a right Format: Always use a clear, simple, well-drafted format to catch the eye of the recruiters and draw them into the detail of your experience. Keep in mind the font and styling you used and make sure that each element is consistent throughout the document.

Keep it real: Yes! Keep your CV real, punchy, up to the point and explain your important details in that. Put your contact and personal information right like Name, Address, Phone Number, E-mail Id etc. so that employers will contact you.

Don’t forget to put your experience: Your career history, experience, and previous position give recruiters an idea about your work style or knowledge. So put it first, mention the name of the company in which you worked before and also your profile.  Achievements and responsibilities are listed for each role.

Mention your skills: Understand the difference between transferable, job-related and adaptive skill and then mention it in your CV. put the skills according to the job requirements and that gives an additional advantage to your career.

Education and Awards: Clearly mention all your education details, degree, the name of institutions etc. Also put some details about your achievements, success, and awards.

Keep relevant content: Don’t write anything in your CV on which you don’t have any knowledge. Just write what is true and relevant. Putting lie in your CV can land you in a big trouble when it comes to employers checking on your background and references.

What not to include in Curriculum Vitae?

  • Salary information
  • Reason behind you left your previous post
  • Photo
  • Any reference
  • Date of birth etc.

All these things don’t affect your ability to do the job.

Don’t make it too long keeps it 2 or 3 pages long. Using bullets points rather than long sentences can help in minimizing the word shortage.  Check the format, font, details before publishing it on any site. Double check everything for the grammatical errors or take the review from someone else also.

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