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Samsung Galaxy Note 5: The next of Samsung

There are lots smartphones about to come in the market and on the top of the list are three smartphones, Galaxy Note 5, iPhone 6S Plus and LG G5. However, LG G5 would be coming after months and within couple of months, Apple would reveal the iPhone 6S Plus and on another hand, Samsung would have Galaxy Note 5 for all of us.

Recent, Galaxy S6 Edge is enough to compete the Apple iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus which would be bigger version of the original iPhone, would be competing with the Galaxy Note 5. There is already a lot of discussion happening that, if iPhone 6S Plus would surpass the Note 5 or not. In the Galaxy S6 Edge, Samsung shown the amazing display with not just new form factor but also with high-end resolution, in general, not bad, but the brightness of the stock it still lacks in comparison with the Chinese manufacturer. We would not say that the transfer of colors perfect in both devices. In S6 Edge image slug green, while in MX4 Pro go into a little bit of color shade of pink. At this point someone like that, but traditional displays in the decisions of Korean corporations are not close. Samsung is doing its perfect job in case of displays and what would happen, as Galaxy Note 5 would come with the 4K-resolution display. On another hand, it seems like Apple would never come up with such display in a smartphone, even you can’t expect 2K-resolution display in Apple for upcoming 2 years at least. It’s not like, Apple is slow, it’s like, and they are more practical, as more pixels would definitely reduce the price.

However, the screen of “The Galaxy S6 Edge” is out of competition for the transfer of black. There is no competitor and would not be there are competitor at least for months, and who knows if the Galaxy Note 5 would compete with its younger brother the Galaxy S6 Edge. Yes, in the display Samsung shows the deepest blacks than cannot boast of a device from the Meizu. By the way, the last, so you know, bad passes darker shade when compared with that of the display Huawei Honor 6 Plus. The same applies to the behavior of the screen in the sun. The display remains readable under all conditions. Sensor backlighting is certainly not the fastest responds to sharp changes in illumination, but does it always correct. You can look at the comparison of the two Chinese and verify the veracity of this statement. But, Samsung is Samsung like Apple is Apple, but the increasing prices of these beast manufacture is still an issue, and Chinese manufacture like OnePlus are not living a single void, with which they can eat market share. But the overall flagship of 2015 would remain the Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

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