When is the right time to do MBA?

Why do MBA? It seems like a simple question and often asked during Personal Interview round by top B-schools in India, but you really need to know the answer before taking a big leap in your career. Do you like giving presentations? Do you like to work in a team? Do you want a bigger paycheck? What motivated you to come to the final decision of doing MBA? There are whole lots of questions that need to be answered first before going back to B-school for your MBA.

Are you prepared?

If you’re working right now, then MBA for you means taking two years off and sit in a classroom. Are you ready to forgo two years salary? Can you pay your tuition fees? Does your family support your decision? If answers to all above questions are yes, then you are ready to utilize the reflection time during your MBA and climb up the corporate ladder once you’re out with your degree in hand.

Do you need to learn more about business?

MBA courses are designed to allow students to enhance their knowledge about business and corporate world. Some accredited MBA courses require students to have prior working experience. Though unusual but some students immediately take up MBA after graduating from college. If you’re not one of them and have prior work experience, it might be possible that you scored well in your college, got a good offer in campus placement and earned big bucks during your tenure. Whether one is a fresh graduate or a working professional, most important thing is to research about career goals. If your career goal says business is what interests you more than arts or mechanical engineering, then take up MBA. You will be able to brush up key areas of your strength and weaknesses during your MBA coursework.

Does an MBA degree make a difference?

You think that you’re the best of the best! May be but only in your cohort zone! Whether you do full-time MBA after CAT preparation or simply part-time MBA while working, you will definitely get the chance to learn about entrepreneurial skills, teamwork, leadership and decision-making. You can do specialised MBA to progress further in your chosen field. You also get the chance and opportunity to build a network of international students and business professionals while studying in a B-school. So an MBA degree does make a difference.

If you’ll try to come to the final decision of doing MBA without considering these questions, the whole process might seem overwhelming. It’s never too late! Whether you want to make a career change or move into entrepreneurship, the door to MBA degree is always open for those who love to learn and have zeal to advance their career.

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