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Upcoming Art Classes You Should Not Miss out in Bangalore

A city where the people loves to read poetry of their own sitting in the park, a city where the people loves to share stories with each-other, Bangalore never disappoints anyone of its rich taste for art and culture. The cultural activities of this techno city will take your breath away if you start following the events minutely.

Art Classes

The art classes in Bangalore is a matter of much interest. If you are an art lover and want to nurture the artist self in you, it’s time you step out of your house and start attending the brilliant art classes that take place in almost every nook and corner of the city. To know more, take note.

  • Oil Painting Workshop: Shiny Colours is organizing a three-day workshop on oil painting and the essential tips and knowledge you should have while you try oil on canvas. Starting from colour values, tonal values, light and shade and many more intricate details, this workshop is going to probe much helpful for people out there who loves to paint. The workshop is going to start from 10 am in the morning on Thursday, 3rd Do attend these classes as you’ll get to learn exciting things in here.
  • Decoupage Art Workshop:On Sunday, 13th November, if you have time in your hand, attend the Decoupage Art Workshop at Sheraton Grand, Bengaluru. This is going to be something truly exciting to start your Sunday with as you will be able to learn about the art of dec The entry fee of this art workshop is Rs3500/- and the exhibition kicks off on 9:30 am in the morning. A great event to start your Sunday with, that’s for sure.
  • Mosaic 1.0: The Human Mosaic Project is going to introduce their first cultural venture, The Mosaic 1.0 on Sunday, 13th November from 10:30 in the morning. The venue of this program is going to be Atta Galatta, South Bangalore. The program sounds interesting as the organizers have decided to use this program as a platform for people with different set of forte. Do not miss it!
  • Sun Yoga:On Friday, 18th November, under the guidance of Uma SankarSunyogi, attend the Yoga workshop that will make you learn the secret between harmony that we should maintain between our body and environment. This is one great platform for health conscious people out there. Do attend the yoga classes if possible. The venue of this program is AECS layout, Marathahali.
  • Art Classes for Adults and Children: On Tuesday, 6th December Bloom and Grow is going to organize art classes for both the adults and kids at Bloomm and Grow’s Centre, South Bangalore. The enrolment fee for each individual is Rs2220/-. There will be two different shifts for the seniors and juniors. Drawing, painting, painting techniques, art therapy- these will be taught by the professional artist Priyanka Agarwal. Try not to miss it if you have a flair for painting.

So, here is the tentative plan for the art-lover like you. Choose the program and do attend. Have a nice time!


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